bacan (adj.) a regional word in Latin American countries used to mean bon vivant, cool, or classy 

Bacan” is exactly the atmosphere that we strive to create with Bar Bacan’s space and food. A home to good company and good conversations, enhanced by beautiful food and deep Latin flavours that remind me of home. We use old cooking techniques, quality local ingredients, and subtle flavour profiles to bring out the simplicity and depth of our food. 

Our menu is designed by culinary consultant Juan Carlino to elevate homemade Latin food. Between the succulent and flavourful cuts of Argentine Beef in our empanadas and our irresistible gluten-free arepas, our multifaceted menu is a genuine celebration of the versatility in Latin cuisine. 

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We started with an idea and a food truck. We could not find gluten-free or vegan Venezuelan street food in Torontowhich still carried the authentic Venezuelan flavours that we missed from home. So, we set out to fix that. Our restaurant on wheels, Queen Arepa, became the go-to spot for empanadas and arepas that everyone could eat.  

Bacan was born out of the confidence and support that our customers gave us. We loved our customers’ eating habits and banter, and we wanted to provide a warm space where they can enjoy our food all year long. With elevated flavours and local ingredients, we created Bacan for our community. 

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